Undergraduate Research Program

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Central Oklahoma is dedicated to providing the best possible educational opportunities for its students. Students enlisted into the program would see first-hand, on a much smaller scale, some of the ins and outs of performing mathematical research.

  • The students are required to present their research during at least one mathematical or statistical conference during the school year.
  • Also, their research should be submitted for publication in a peer reviewed research journal upon its completion.
  • Participation in this program will greatly increase a student’s chances of being accepted into a graduate mathematics program, wherever they decide to apply.

Departmental Resources

Math Posers

Click to here to see our new Math Poser.

Actuarial Sciences

Click to read more about actuarial sciences in the department.


SCHOLAR is a statistical consulting group founded at the University of Central Oklahoma in 2009. The mission of SCHOLAR is to provide statistical consulting services to students, faculty, and staff at UCO, as well as industry and non-profit organizations in the community. SCHOLAR is primarily staffed by UCO students under the close supervision of faculty from the department of mathematics and statistics. We work collaboratively on client projects, fulfilling a need for statistical consulting services both on and off campus, and providing our students with the opportunity to gain experience with real-world clients and applications of statistical methods.

Read more about Project SCHOLAR here.

Mathematical Biology Research Group

Read more about mathematical biology research and opportunities for you here.

Student Research and Travel Opportunities

In this section you will find a variety of links to local and national conferences and meetings and research opportunities.

Research Experience for Undergraduates Summer Programs

    • A listing from the AMS.
      A listing from the MAA.
      Another nice listing.
  • 2017 Joint Mathematics Meetings

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    January 4-7, 2017 (Wednesday - Saturday) in Atlanta, GA. Registration is now open. Deadlines found at here.

    2017 Posters on the Hill (POH)

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    2017 OK-AR MAA Sectional Meeting

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    The spring 2017 meeting will be at University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK on April 7–8, 2017. Read more here.

    2017 Oklahoma Research Day

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    Read more at the Oklahoma Research Day website.

    2017 Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics

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    February 3-5, 2017: The Conference is open to outstanding undergraduate women mathematicians at all stages of their careers. Students will have the opportunity to meet other women who share their interest in the mathematical sciences, and those who have already done research will be given an opportunity to present their results. Conference activities on Friday will occur on the university's city campus, and on Saturday and Sunday at the Embassy Suites Lincoln Downtown Hotel (1040 P Street, 402-474-1111), a short walk in downtown Lincoln. Read more at the Conference website.

    2017 National Conference on Undergraduate Research

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    The University of Memphis is proud to welcome the National Conference on Undergraduate Research to its campus April 6-8, 2017. We look forward to showcasing the best in undergraduate research and the creative and performing arts during this conference. You’ll find our campus to be a welcoming environment in which to share your research and creative works, and you’ll see why, at the University of Memphis, we are “driven by doing.”

    The mission of the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) is to promote undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity done in partnership with faculty or other mentors as a vital component of higher education. Read more at the CUR website.