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Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Applied Mathematical Science

The Master of Science Degree in Applied Mathematical Sciences at the University of Central Oklahoma is designed to prepare people to meet the demand by industry, business, and government for experts in applications of the mathematical sciences. While ensuring a sound mathematical training, the degree program concentrates on the development of widely applicable intellectual skills and provides experience with concrete problems. It requires students, depending upon their interest, to select an area of concentration from four options: Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, and Mathematics Teaching.

Degree Programs

The Department offers four masters degrees (click for link to worksheet):


You must apply for admission to the Jackson College of Graduate Studies, which can be reached by clicking here.

Once you have been admitted by the Department:

Make an appointment with the Department's Director of Graduate Studies (contact information below) to discuss your Plan of Study. Achieve a minimum grade point average of 3.00 in all mathematics, computer science, and statistics classes attempted. Earn eight hours of graduate study at UCO with a minimum 3.00 GPA, with no grade below C. Complete all prerequisite courses or their equivalents (as described in the UCO undergraduate catalogue). Students are expected to have a bachelors degree in mathematics or the equivalent, including the following:

Prerequisites for all majors:

  • Calculus I, II, III, and IV (or equivalent)
  • Matrix or Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Statistical Methods I

Complete a minimum of three (3) semester hours of English Composition in residence at an accredited college or university in a predominantly English speaking country.

Additional prerequisites for Statistics majors:

  • Mathematical Statistics I

Additional prerequisites for Computer Science majors:

  • Data Structures

Note that a substantial Mathematics and/or Computer Science background is required to successfully complete program prerequisites as outlined in the Graduate Catalog.

If it is unclear from a student’s transcripts and supporting documentation that a prerequisite has been met, the student may be required by the graduate advisor to either pass an examination or obtain the minimum grade of B in designated courses at UCO.


Director of Graduate Studies\Graduate Advisor
Dr. Brittany Bannish
MCS 118
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Central Oklahoma
Edmond, Oklahoma 73034
Phone: (405) 974-5441
Fax: (405) 974-3847